Brand Profile

SKETCHΔROUND 創立於2013年,以跨越性別的精巧衣衫演繹為核心。品牌名稱中的英文字母由 ”A” 改成等邊三角形,刻劃了品牌重視創作中傳統與創新兩者間的持衡。因此每個系列均回歸衣料本身以至常用物料作為每季設計革新的元素,追求質料上的破格運用,在傳統普及的製衣概念上尋找更多的靈活性。將精巧的細節處理自然柔合服裝本身,將獨創性更加立體運用,並貼近都市中低調時尚的穿衣風格。 品牌至力推祟 [ 簡約精巧並立 ] 以及 ORIGINALITY SURPASS GENDER [ ] 兩大理念,系列獲邀參與倫敦時裝週時裝騷,也於巴黎時裝週及上海時裝週展出,吸引來自倫敦、法國、澳洲、韓國、洛杉磯、希臘、匈牙利等不同時尚媒體關注。SKETCHΔROUND創立後與知名時尚品牌如Swatch,Samsonite,Fitbit 合作企劃案,將設計理念體現於更多層面的生活品位中。

SKETCHΔROUND founded in 2013 , calling for two statements of "Originality Surpasses Gender" and "Simplicity compacted with delicacy". The label focuses on pure fashion without gender orientation on wearability and continues to reinvent the conventional practices with innovative materials to create some exquisite tailor work with high sustainability and functionality. The meticulous craftsmanship planted in a purity of simplicity successfully arouse worldwide interest from Asian markets to various magazines in London, France, Australia, Korea, Los Angeles, Greece and Hungary. SKETCHΔROUND collections were invited to the runway show in London Fashion Week (2016) and showcased in Paris Fashion Week as well as Shanghai Fashion Week. SKETCHΔROUND has also been collaborated with various well-known companies such as Swatch, Samsonite and Fitbit.